The Valley, not much known for its quality Japanese food, has a brand-new ramen joint: Ramen Jinya. It’s just barely soft-opened. “I have no bones about reviewing it early though, because frankly, the place rocks,” says rameniac.

They offer ramen in the style of Ramen California, with a full complement of organic side dishes and nouveau ramen. “Traditionalists take note, however. The special on the day i went was a very authentic wafu tonkotsu ramen, and it’s pretty much what you’d find in Tokyo, loaded with bonito and even fish powder, which gives the soup a nice gritty texture,” says rameniac.

The namesake bowl, Jinya Ramen, is a chicken ramen, perfect for beginners leery of hard-core pork ramen. “I haven’t had a bowl this good since I was at the Ramen Museum in Yokohama,” says Gourmet Pilot. “Heck, it’s better than the bowl I had recently in Dotonbori in Osaka.”

The broth is rich and tasty and the noodles nicely al dente, says Akitist. Even the curry here is pretty good, says Gourmet Pilot.

But be aware: They seem to be closing on unexpected days during their early period. Their official off day is Sunday, but some Chowhounds have experienced other closures. They’ve also run out of ramen at least once due to unexpected popularity. So call ahead.

Ramen Jinya [San Fernando Valley – East]
11239 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City

Discuss: another one?? RAMEN JINYA is here! studio city gets ramen, finally. and it’s good. (nano-review)
Finally! Great ramen comes to the Valley!

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