Many a Chowhound mourned the closing of beloved classic Pasadena ice cream house Soda Jerks. Well, they’re back and serving Fosselman’s ice cream, just like in the old days, and in the coolest possible location: in the carousel building at the Santa Monica Pier.

The new Soda Jerks doesn’t serve food, only ice cream. But it is a particular boon to Westsiders, who have no easy access to the Los Angeles wonder that is Fosselman’s ice cream.

The folks behind Soda Jerks are still searching for a place to reopen a full-sized ice cream parlor in the Pasadena area. But for now, have yourself an ice cream sundae while whirling away on a carousel.

Soda Jerks [Westside – Beaches]
200 Santa Monica Pier,
 Santa Monica
310-393-SODA (7632)

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