Burger King plans to open a new chain of Whopper Bars, serving customized burgers. According to the Wall Street Journal, these new joints will be expanding the traditional Whopper menu. New options may include the Angry Whopper, a spicy onion– and jalapeño-topped burger that already has been served in Germany. Burger King’s Russ Klein explains that the new restaurants will have a different look from the typical BK:

Workers will place toppings on the burgers in front of the customers ‘to put a little more theater into it,’ Mr. Klein said, representing a shift for a company that has always hidden food preparation from patrons. Early design plans call for the bars to have chrome, wood, exposed brick and plasma-screen televisions with images of fire playing on them to evoke Burger King’s flame-broiled motto.

These Whopper Bars could spring up in casinos and airports before the end of the year, but unless they’re serving beer, I’m going to have to call them “Whopper Kiosks.” I mean, what’s a bar without the booze? These joints won’t even be coffee bars—company officials opted against copycatting the coffee campaign at McDonald’s. Burger King does sell alcohol overseas—I drank my first underage beer through a straw over Whoppers during a school trip to Italy—but whether or not they’ll start serving Bud Lights in to-go cups here in America is still up in the air.

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