Moonshine! Booze-lovers and bootleggers think hooch is the bee’s knees and a swell way to get spifflicated, but the stuff still gives the feds the heebie-jeebies after all these years. The BBC reports on the state of modern American bootlegging (minus all the zany Jazz Age slang), noting that “Against the backdrop of the recession and the current craze for artisan produce, illegal distilling clubs and ‘kitchen-sink’ operations are popping up all over the US, from California to New York and Pennsylvania.”

Stats are hard to come by, but anecdotes and sales figures for copper stills suggest a boom in an old but dangerous hobby. Although it’s hard to poison yourself these days (somebody alert the Russians), explosions are an ever-present danger for the casual illegal-home-liquor artisan.

The taste of moonshine varies, but if you said that the appeal of this stuff relates to its low cost and high strength, hey, now you’re on the trolley!

Image source: Flickr member Alan Light under Creative Commons

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