Sure, I’ve dabbled with raw foods and juicing—but I grew up in the hippie days of California, so it’s not that big a leap. But what if I were a fiftysomething, overweight Italian New Yorker with drugs in his background, a case of hepatitis C, and a cynical view of life? What if I were Frank?

May I Be Frank? is a documentary film in progress, put together by a couple of twentysomething “vegan hipsters” from Café Gratitude, a minichain of San Francisco–area restaurants brimming with raw food and empowering mantras (think: I am abundant, I am joyful). One day Frank Ferrante stumbles into one of the cafés, where the hipsters attempt to transform his life with 42 days of raw foods, positive thinking, and the odd colonic thrown in for good measure. The goal: Help Frank achieve his life’s dream of falling in love.

The film is still in progress—hoping for a June completion to submit to the Toronto International Film Festival—but the teaser piqued my interest. It’s culture clash with a side of wheat grass juice and the hope for redemption. Sign me up.

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