Stonyfield Farm is inviting America to elect its next yogurt. The candidates are divided into three categories: Yopublicans (rich, whole-milk yogurts), Demogurts (fat-free yogurts that support preventive health care), and Indelicious (moderate low-fat flavors). Right now, there are 15 candidates, but according to the Stonyfield website, those will be narrowed down to 3. Currently on top: Pomegranate Berry (Demogurt–NH), White Chocolate Raspberry (Yopublican–NH), and Piña Colada (Indelicious–FL).

Personally, I’m not too interested in the front runners. Being that I’m already devoted to the low-fat Caramel Underground flavor, I’m torn between low-fat Dulce de Leche and fat-free Caramel Apple. And truth be told, I’m considering crossing party lines for the whole-milk Vanilla Chai. One can only imagine that it’ll be a tough race for Stonyfield fans, because several of the new flavors sound pretty delicious. (This contest is a far cry from the recent Kettle People’s Choice contest, which included new chip-flavor nominees like Orange Ginger Wasabi. Ew.)

You can cast your vote now to help choose which flavors will run in the fall election, and the winner will be “inaugurated” and available in stores in January 2009. To sweeten the deal, there’s even a flavor election sweepstakes—one lucky voter will be “selected at random to receive 365 coupons to purchase 365 6oz. cups of yogurt throughout the year.”

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