Although there are plenty of Ethiopian restaurants in the Bay Area, authentic injera made entirely from teff flour is more rare. That’s because it’s tricky to make and expensive. But sfbing just checked out a new place, Moya, that’s serving all-teff injera along with the more common teff-wheat kind (usually 20 percent teff, 80 percent wheat).

Having just opened, the kitchen is still working out the kinks on that injera—getting it fermented enough to be fluffy is an issue. But the flavor is good, says sfbing, earthy and smoky. It goes really well with a lunch special (cooked to order) of chicken with mushrooms, onions, and jalapeño ($10).

The menu includes a few other less-common items, like kita bread, also made in-house.

Moya [SOMA]
1044 Folsom Street, San Francisco

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