I poured Bates & Schmitt’s thick apple cider syrup on some acorn squash the other night before baking it, and the syrup’s tart-sweetness added a nice layer of flavor. Apple cider syrup is a new product to me, though apparently it’s an old New England thing, which was used as a substitute for then-expensive sugar.

This version is made from organic apples grown by the Philo Apple Farm, located just outside Boonville, California. The apples are pressed into cider, which is then reduced to a seventh of its original volume. The makers recommend it on French toast and apple desserts, but I’m imagining it will also rock as a glaze for ribs or pork chops. As an added bonus, the apple farm has a few guest cottages available, and also offers weekend cooking classes.

Bates & Schmitt Apple Cider Syrup, $16

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