Between the opening of Manhattan’s kitschy new tiki room the Rusty Knot, and the Distilled Spirits Council’s recent tiki-themed party, it seems that mai tais could be making a comeback in New York City. Kristin Donnelly at Food & Wine has high hopes for this potential barroom fad: “One trend I hope will accompany the revival of tiki: the elevation of frozen drinks. I grew up snagging sips of my mom’s piña coladas, and most summers, when I’m far away from New York, I order one and enjoy it despite its mouth-coating sweetness,” she writes.

Mixologist Jim Meehan of PDT was whipping up frozen piña coladas at the tiki party last week, but he claims that he’s “still anti-blender at the bar.” Granted, one can’t truly experience the intricacies of fine spirits when they’re frothed up with blended ice, but is anyone else out there craving a frozen cocktail comeback?

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