david kaplan likes jagged, thick, knife-cut noodles. The handmade noodles at ASJ are everything he’d hoped for: “firm, rough, and a little unwieldy.” These are big noodles, wide and flat, and their floppiness will fling soup broth pretty much everywhere, he warns. “I made a point of wearing a water-resistant coat, zipped up, over my white stainable shirt.”

Noodles like these are easier to eat when they’re stir-fried, says daveena, but she adds, “I think the amount of flavor they pick up from absorbing the soup makes them totally worth the trouble.” She has also “developed the most unattractive hunch to eat these types of soup noodles—mouth right over the bowl, with one hand blocking spatters.”

According to david kaplan, ASJ’s hot and spicy beef noodle soup has “modest spice-heat and strong numbing-heat from Sichuan peppercorns, but the beefiness of the broth stood up to the heat. The beef itself was long-stewed, nicely marbled, and melting like the best short ribs, in big slabs that stayed intact despite their softness.”

He also adds some helpful instructions: “The hot & spicy beef noodle soup is the top-left item on the third section of the order slip. Drawing an upward-pointing triangle next to the check mark is the way to indicate the big noodles.”

ASJ Restaurant [South Bay]
1698 Hostetter Road, San Jose

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