The secret of Pit Boss Barbeque? It’s highly variable, and you have to figure out who’s in the kitchen. Civil Bear’s first visit yielded OK meats, and inedible sides. His second visit: “the moistest, tenderest brisket in the Bay Area … And this time the sides were fantastic!”

adrienne156 explains what’s going on. There are different people who cook there: “Mr. Boss, Mrs. Boss, and ‘others’. The meat is always smoked the night before, but the sides are always spot on whenever Mr. Boss is in the kitchen.” Mrs. Boss is also good, but the worst meals adrienne156 has had are when one of the others is in the kitchen. adrienne156 recommends brisket, “which always has a lovely pink smoke ring but did come to me overcooked on one occasion,” and hot links, full of finely ground meat, with crisp skin and a slight kick. And the pulled pork? “Moist with a light smoke … probably one of the best I’ve had out and that’s saying a lot because my friends are self-described pork-a-holics who spend most of their weekends smoking something.”

Pit Boss Barbeque [East Bay]
12889 San Pablo Avenue, Richmond

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