Ag-biotech monolith Monsanto appears to be in an unfamiliar position in regards to its growth hormone rBST (Posilac): the losing side. If news last month that grocery chain Kroger has decided to sell only milk guaranteed to be rBST-free wasn’t enough to send a shudder through Monsanto’s wallet, now retail king Wal-Mart has decided to ban the hormone in its store-brand milk. All of this may have started last September, when Starbucks helped kick-start the anti-rBST bandwagon by committing to only using milk without the synthetic hormone.

“It’s reached the tipping point,” Ronnie Cummins, director of the Organic Consumers Association, told Canadian newspaper the Globe and Mail.

Monsanto is continuing to fight against labels that declare milk rBST-free, arguing that since the FDA has designated the hormone safe, the labeling illegally implies that hormone-free milk is better than milk produced with rBST.

“There is no difference in the milk,” Monsanto spokesperson Lori Hoag told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “There is absolutely no difference in the milk.”

Just repeat after me: No difference … no difference …

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