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Leaving LA … So Much More to Eat

It’s our last day in Los Angeles and we’re having pangs of regret for all the places we didn’t make it to. (There are still some posts to come from our last few stops.) It is physically impossible to get to as many places in Los Angeles as we could in San Francisco: The city is massive and the traffic is horrendous. You really can’t get anywhere in under 30 minutes no matter how close Google maps says it is, can you? The city definitely deserves its own CHOW Tour to really do it justice and get into more of the neighborhoods. In no particular order, here are just a few of the places we wish we had time to investigate. – Biergarten. Keepon’s writeup of this restaurant, where Korean food meets Belgian beer garden, made it sound really fun. – Providence. Exilekiss told us all about the custom chef’s tasting menu and we never made it there. It’s also the location of the perfect prawns (see the video), according to Russ Parsons. – Slaw Dogs. We never got to eat any hot dogs in LA! Sad. We wanted to try Slaw Dogs on RoxyGrl’s recommendation. – The Gorbals. Scottish meets Jewish food just sounded novel. – The “Thai tacos sold in the back lot of Silom market in Thai town,” per ankimo‘s tip. – Pâtisserie Chantilly for the choux à la crème that exilekiss wrote about. – Bootlegger’s Brewery. Das Ubergeek tipped us off to this cool brewery in Fullerton where food trucks like Kogi and the Vizzi Truck pull up. We were going to go on Sunday and realized the tasting room wasn’t open. We tried to go to two other places that night, the Edison for cocktails and Nickel Diner for some retro desserts, and they weren’t open either. Apparently, more stuff is closed Sundays in LA than we realized. Foiled! – Cemitas y Clayudas Pal Cabron. Another Das Ubergeek recommendation, “because hardly anyone except deep Mexican-food geeks had ever heard of cemitas, clayudas, or tacos árabes before they opened. None of those foods are exactly ‘new’ but the marketing (Twitter, of course!) is what is bringing white people in droves to Huntington Park, itself a very cool part of LA that has heretofore been completely ignored.” Just goes to show why LA needs its own CHOW Tour—so many great neighborhoods that could get days of exploration themselves. – The San Gabriel Valley. There are so many great threads on SGV that we wanted to go cruise around … for days on end.