“Kids’ Menus Grow Up,” says the San Francisco Chronicle, which claims that more and more Bay Area kids are dining out at white-tablecloth restaurants with their parents, ordering off special menus that are worlds away from PBJs and spaghetti.

Lobster “corn dogs,” butternut squash ravioli, fried calamari, and roast pork loin are some of the delights to be had at Bay Area restaurants. Clearly some restaurateurs are reaching out to children with refined tastes—as well as parents who didn’t lose their desire for four-star dining when they joined the stroller set.

But are other diners turned off by kids in restaurants? Certainly the notion of children at fine-dining establishments is a controversial one. The Chron piece tiptoes around the issue, clearly not wishing to take sides but providing tips for parents who wish to dine politely, as well as the restaurant owners who’d like to attract them.

Like to eat out with the sprogs? Here are some savvy tips for dining with kids, plus some general table-manners advice for tykes.

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