Panini, grilled Italian sandwiches, are traditionally made from a whole, small loaf of bread and heated in a sandwich press. Of course, you can use any bread you find tasty, notes Tay, who loves the “nutty crunchiness” of sliced seven-grain bread. If you’re using whole round loaves, though, slice the domed top off of the loaf before you stuff it and grill it, says taylor_blair. This will allow for more even grilling, as your grill will be able to flatten the sandwich more evenly.

As for fillings, taylor_blair recommends fontina cheese (milder than mozzarella), with basil, tomatoes, and a touch of homemade pesto. Jeserf likes to stuff sandwiches with Taleggio cheese and summer stone fruit, rubbing the bread with garlic and adding leaves of arugula for a little bite and greenery.

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