Recently bouncing around the Internet: a wineglass for alcoholics. How can we make that kind of judgment call about a mere piece of glassware? The glass comfortably holds an entire bottle of wine.

(It’s easy enough to translate the glass’s tagline, “Just the Thing for a Cozy Night In” as “Just the Thing for Drinking Yourself Into Oblivion While Wearing a Snuggie™ and Indiscriminately Watching Law & Order Reruns.”)

Of course, this is just the wine equivalent of equally depressing arguably zany beer-focused glassware: the yard of ale, the beer bong (warning: link includes “dong bongs” and “chug-a-jugs”), and of course the famous boot, the only glassware that sounds like the biological process that happens after it’s thoroughly utilized.

Image source: Flickr member glen edelson under Creative Commons

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