Demi Moore and Ashton are the newest celebs on the master cleanse train, reported CBS. They’re doing it together for support, and tweeting about it to boot! Cute. But idiotic.

Brief recap for those of you who need a brush-up on master cleanse facts:

1)      It consists of drinking a mixture of purified water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper for a period of at least ten days.

2)      Proponents claim it “flushes out” toxins from your body.

3)      Many people use it for quick weight loss.

Now some things you might not know.

Stanley Burroughs, a promoter of alternative health practices who preferred to spend his days in the nude, created the concoction in 1941. He was later convicted of second-degree felony murder after the jury found that Burroughs, without a medical license, treated a cancer patient with “a unique ‘lemonade,’ exposure to colored lights, and a brand of vigorous massage,” the California Supreme Court reported. The conviction was later reversed, but … you really want to be taking your medical advice from someone like that? Apparently, if you’re a celebrity, yes! You do.

Beyoncé reportedly used the cleanse to lose 20 pounds in two weeks for her Dreamgirls shoot. Fine. You lose weight on it because you’re subsisting on lemonade. But, as Marisa Sherry, a registered dietitian, told CBS, “The problem with any of these health claims is you are depleting your body of nutrients, proteins, and other energy sources your body needs … you are also slowing down your metabolism. You may lose weight but it’s not permanent.”

There are other crazed celebs out there too. In a video, Naomi Campbell told Oprah viewers that she tries to go on the cleanse three times a year. Moments later, on the same clip, she reported that she likes to jump rope because it helps you lose weight in your face.

Image source: Flickr member Casey Serin under Creative Commons

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