Chutneys sounds like some kind of unholy marriage between a sub shop and an Indian restaurant. It has samosas, lassies, tikka, and kheema. And it also has curries piled onto a roll.

“It’s kinda like Subway,” says deus_ex, “i.e., you select the roll and the main thing which goes in it (like aloo masala or chutney paneer) and select a combination of chutneys and accompaniments like onions, tomatoes, cilantro.”

mizzduke says the masala flatbread is “particularly yummy” and for $5, the lunch sandwich was “perfectly lunch-sized.” Early picks: chile chicken, chutney paneer, and the mango lassi.

Chutneys [Cambridge]
36 JFK Street, Cambridge
No phone available

Discuss: CHUTNEY’S – Harvard Sq – Quick service Indian is now open ( old Flat Patty’s location) YUMMY!!

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