Bad salads abound out there. Flabby lettuce, grim vegetables, viscous dressings. Where can one go in Boston to find a decent selection of DIY fixings, or made-to-order salads?

• Boston Kebab House has a salad and meze bar that StevieC deems flawless: “The line for this every day is huge and reminiscent of what you would see at Chacarero’s old Filene’s location. (And the kebabs are very good as well.)”

Kinopio likes the salads on the buffet at Rangzen.

• Souper Salad is another good option: “It’s a decent deal if you really load up the container as they don’t charge by the pound,” says Kinopio.

• And finally, MichaelB likes Whole Foods, but has a few caveats: Watch out for the weighty items, like strawberry shortcake, placed by the salad bar and pricey at 8 bucks a pound. And the dressings “kind of suck. They’re loaded with thickeners and stabilizers and taste like it. My usual trick is to half-fill the little plastic container with their strangely gelatinous “balsamic vinaigrette,” and then top it off with the actual balsamic vinegar and olive oil that they provide, for a reasonable facsimile of a decent dressing.”

Boston Kebab House [Downtown]
7 Liberty Square, Boston

Rangzen Tibet Restaurant [Cambridge]
24 Pearl Street, Cambridge

Souper Salad [Back Bay]
209 Berkeley Street, Boston

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