A healthy and delicious alternative to doughnuts can be found at Zoltan’s Transylvania Bakery stand at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market, says abseygale. Zoltan’s “chewy bread is baked rotisserie style. It’s shaped like a large juice can with a hollow interior and a sweet, caramelized, exterior that comes plain or with various toppings.” Options include walnut, almond, coconut, and caramel. Each is $3, and you can sample before you buy.

In addition to being sold at the Sunday farmers’ market, the items are available at the Hollywood bakery. If you’re interested in Hungarian strudel, it’s $7, and if you call the store, Zoltan’s will hold it for you.

Hollywood Farmers’ Market [Hollywood]

Ivar Street and Selma Avenue, Hollywood


Zoltan’s Transylvania Bakery [Hollywood]

5615 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles


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