Pop Deluxe houses one of the larger collections of useless kitchen tools we’ve ever seen. You know that American consumerism has reached a fever pitch when people convince themselves they need a lemon squeezer, egged on by this pitch: “Tired of squeezing your lemon wedge, only to get it on everything except your food or drink? Here’s the perfect solution.” Oh JESUS CHRIST. C’mon.

Three other ridiculous tools they offer that we mostly definitely do not need:

1) A pasta measure that measures out pasta for one, two, three, or four people. Also known as your hand.

2) The banana handle—you slip this plastic banana thing over a pan handle so you don’t get burned. Also know as a … anyone? Anyone? A potholder, yes.

3) A kiwi peeler. No words. There are no words.

On the entire kitchen tool page, we found a single clever tool: the fold-flat grater. Now, that’s kind of awesome.

Well, come to think of it, the mouse cheese grater is kind of cute. So way to go with the graters, guys.

Image source: Flickr member kthread under Creative Commons

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