Ramen Mottainai is a new ramen place with an utterly distinct style. They do kogashi miso ramen, a.k.a. burnt miso. For this dish, the miso paste is charred, giving the soup a lovely and particular fragrance, says rameniac.

They also do an utterly authentic shoyu tonkotsu ramen, done in the tradition of a proper Yokohama ie-kei shop, says rameniac. “The noodles are thicker and more substantial than I’ve had at any of the other ramen-yas in the area. The soup had visible flecks of pork fat floating in it and was nice and rich,” says huaqiao.

There are a lot of new ramen places cropping up, but Ramen Mottainai is totally legit, says rameniac.

Ramen Mottainai [South Bay]
1630 W. Redondo Beach Boulevard #9, Gardena

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