If Easter’s passing finds an unholy excess of eggs in your kitchen, here’s some help in figuring out what to do with them. 101 Cookbooks’ Heidi Swanson has a roundup of egg recipes from her site. She’s also asked readers to share their favorites, so the comments section is rich with suggestions and links (egg korma, anyone?).

Nicky at Delicious:Days offers up her new approach to creating the perfect poached egg (courtesy of Alain Weissgerber and Barbara Eselböck, but she’s adapted it). For those who despair of producing a perfect poached egg with white intact, this may be the route (or you could try the Egg Poaching Pods I saw in the store last week—they apparently work well).

If you’re still trying to master sublime scrambled eggs, Gordon Ramsay will help you along (with the aid of a nob of butter and some crème fraîche). The video shows him at his cheeriest morning best, making a nice weekend breakfast (the final line is a crack-up).

Of course, you could also decide to repent all the chocolate you may have consumed and join Nigella’s husband on the all-egg diet, but I’m not sure we can recommend that one.

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