Beef: It’s what’s for plagiarism.

The beautiful Meatscapes of artist Nicolas Lampert, profiled last week on, are haunting collages in which cuts of meat become larger-than-life features of the landscape. Just like in that new ad campaign for the Cattleman’s Beef Promotion and Research Board.

But Lampert had nothing to do with the beefscapes ads. According to Adweek blog, Lampert didn’t even know about the look-alike ads until the blog contacted him for a comment.

It’s no surprise that the artist isn’t connected with the cattleman’s board, since he told’s Diana Eid that his Meatscapes grew out of his questioning of land use policy. “In
Wisconsin, where I live, the majority of rural land is
utilized for raising cows, either for grazing land, growing food for cattle, or appropriating water for livestock so I started thinking about how to represent this in a graphic form,” Lampert says.

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