Academic blogger SJB reports
that at Oxford, grad students and postdocs drink for free. Kind

[At] the in-college Nuffield bar, which is really just a room filled with booze nestled amid the grad student and post do housing, all you have to do is record the alcohol you’ve injested in a book (beer is around 2£, and crisps and Kit-Kats are 50p), and at the end of the term, the College may or may not charge you for what you’ve drunk.

This is a fascinating, exciting, economically untenable idea. It is
also guaranteed, after it gets circulated, to stimulate interest in
pursuing higher education at Oxford.

Also, based on their weekly update on “hot” drinks, it looks as though the Nuffieldians are no slouches when it comes to knowing their booze:

Asahi is to Budweiser what marmalade is to marmite. Delicious, crisp and sophisticated pale lager made from rice. Its dryness adds to a slightly strange, faintly malty smell that is reminiscent of sake. Perfect with spicy-hot food and after a
perspiring dance.

Yet more incentive to travel to Oxford and attain detailed knowledge of something esoteric.

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