For most beach bums vacationing in the Caribbean, piña coladas are the main source of calorie consumption. But on the beautiful island of Anguilla, the restaurants sometimes steal the spotlight from the gorgeous white-sand beaches and bright blue waters. So, it’s no surprise that Food & Wine’s blog, Mouthing Off, recommends Anguilla as a foodie travel destination:

I’ve never associated the Caribbean with amazing food, but having just gotten back from a whirlwind vacation of island hopping, I’ve decided that anyone who loves the beach and loves food absolutely must visit Anguilla. … This also seems to be the island of choice for couples wanting to escape cool climates and open their dream restaurant.

The post goes on to mention husband-and-wife-owned spots like the “fine-dining institution” Blanchards and Bob and Melinda Blanchard’s new Mediterranean spot, Zurra, as well as Hibernia, Veya, and Barrel Stay.

But it fails to recommend Anguilla’s most unique restaurant, Scilly Cay, owned by Sandra and Eudoxie Wallace. Pronounced “silly key,” it’s located on a private island only accessible by boat. It’s surrounded by walls made of conch shells, which are lined up like bricks, and the menu offers nothing but lobster, crayfish, chicken, and rum punch. The island doesn’t have electricity, so everything is grilled, and the lobsters and crayfish—which are caught farther offshore—are stored in tide pools that act as natural aquariums. Having been there myself, I can attest to the dreaminess of this place (and the incredible freshness of the food), but since I don’t know when I’ll be getting back, I’m definitely going to try this recipe for their sweet-and-spicy “secret” Scilly Cay grilling sauce.

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