Disposing of refrigerators in an environmentally responsible manner seems pretty complicated, so if your refrigerator is running properly, you should probably stick with it (if it isn’t, splurging on a new one looks pretty good these days). Problem is, there are plenty of working fridges out there that aren’t as pretty as the stainless steel LG with an LCD screen built into its French doors. But is it possible to update the look of an ugly old fridge?

The blogger for Vermont home-design merchant Canvasworks Floorcloths has a solution. She renovated her fridge by cutting a piece of sheet-adhesive-backed magnet to cover the appliance, priming it, and painting it to match the rest of her kitchen. Granted, this particular kitchen might be a little too country-cutesy for some, but the revamped fridge really ties the room together.

If this update is as easy as it seems, then there are endless possibilities for adding color and patterns to a tired fridge. Customized refrigerator covers could turn reliable-but-rusty appliances into the centerpiece of the kitchen.

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