If you’re lucky enough to score the head of a nice, fatty fish like a tuna, Chowhounds offer advice on preparing it so as not to miss out on what some say are the tastiest bits of the whole fish: the collar and cheeks.

The collar is the curved section that braces the head and brackets the gill opening, explains Sam Fujisaka. Feel the bone structure around the gill opening, and cut all of it out. “Broiled with a bit of salt, it’s the best fish dish in the world,” he says. “Rich, oily delicious meat!”

You can broil the rest of the head separately and pick out the cheeks and other meaty bits (the collar cooks more quickly, so it will overcook if not done separately, Sam notes). Or you can put it in a soup. wearybashful suggests rolling the whole head, collar intact, in melted butter, then roasting it at 450°F.

Leucadian recommends making fish head curry, a fusion favorite in Singapore.

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