If the scents of your favorite fruits and herbs were bottled as perfume, would you wear them? Personally, I tend to avoid perfume because I wouldn’t want its scent to interfere with the delicate flavors of the food and wine I’m consuming. The perfume-wearers out there might tell me that this is irrational, but according to Phoebe Damrosch’s Service Included: Four-Star Secrets of an Eavesdropping Waiter, a memoir about working as a server at Per Se, one of the restaurant’s staff rules reads “No cologne, scented lotions, scented soaps, aftershave or perfume are to be worn during service.”

So maybe I’m not the only food enthusiast who is avoiding bottled scents. But if kitchen-inspired perfumes do spark your fancy, you might want to check out the new Pear, Basil, and Grapefruit fragrances created by Marc Jacobs.

Unfortunately, nobody has sent free samples to the Grinder, but BellaSugar says that the Basil fragrance contains notes of tomato leaf, lemongrass, and orange flower underlying the scent of its signature herb. A blog called Now Smell This says that the Grapefruit perfume evokes the “moist scent of pink grapefruit,” and Nordstrom describes the Pear offering as a “fruity fragrance with top notes of pear, mid notes of freesia and base notes of teak wood.”

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