Easter bread baking is a tradition vvvindaloo and her family follow. Her recipe, Italian in origin, makes a dense, lightly sweet egg bread with plenty of anise seeds. The loaves are shaped into dolls for girls, horseshoes for boys, and traditional ovals for those of vvvindaloo’s grandmother’s generation. They enjoy the Easter bread dunked in a cup of American coffee.

Passadumkeg makes Russian Easter bread in two-pound coffee cans. “When done, it looks like a mushroom,” says Passadumkeg. The top is decorated with raisins, icing, and candy, and served as a dessert, while the “stem” is left plain, sliced into rounds, and eaten with sweet cheese or sour cream.

emilief makes Greek Easter bread called tsoureki. It’s an eggy, sweet bread, baked in a braid and decorated with brightly painted eggs at each end. The bread contains maklepi, a perfume made from soaking the pits of wild cherries in hot water, along with some grated lemon and orange peel. ziggylu also makes a version of tsoureki, but makes an anise-flavored bread that has no egg in the dough (though it does have bright red Easter eggs baked into the loaf).

And mrsjenpeters makes hot cross buns for Easter.

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