Haute macaroni and cheese with ingredients like Gorgonzola and truffle oil can be a delicious treat, but sometimes classic, creamy cheddar-rich mac ‘n’ cheese is what you want.

Several hounds are fans of Alton Brown’s stovetop macaroni and cheese, which is made creamy with eggs and evaporated milk. Jen76 prefers to tweak CHOW’s stovetop recipe by using buttermilk in place of half-and-half, and smoked paprika instead of hot sauce. “This is as easy to make as the boxed stuff,” she says, “but so much better.”

“I love a traditional mac ‘n’ cheese made with a bechamel sauce,” says bear. Of Gourmet magazine’s classic macaroni and cheese bear says, “If you use extra sharp cheddar, it is incredibly flavorful and cheesy even though it only has one kind of cheese.” She’s also a fan of this Martha Stewart recipe, in which she uses dry mustard instead of nutmeg.

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