With the bounty of summer fruits available, fruit salad is often on the menu. Perk it up by adding a dressing that complements the fruity flavor.

Simple syrup infused with spices that complement the fruit makes a nice dressing. janniecooks likes to use cardamom with citrus fruits, and mamueller steeps fresh ginger in simple syrup.

For creamy dressings, yogurt is a popular base. Sweeten it with a bit of honey or brown sugar, and flavor with citrus zest if you like. phoenikia likes a dressing of yogurt, honey, lime, and crystallized ginger. For a richer dressing, cheesymama uses crème fraîche with maple syrup.

Filipino fruit cocktail is dressed with blended condensed milk and cream cheese for a sort of cheesecake flavor, and tossed with shredded young coconut and brightly colored agar for textural contrast and color, says JungMann.

For a fruit salad with a slightly alcoholic tingle, try CHOW’s Melon Salad with Sweet Wine and Lemon

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