susancinsf is obsessed with the albóndigas at Mi India Bonita; she proclaims them “worth the drive from San Francisco.”

The menu is short. Chips and salsa are a good starter, “some of the tastier salsa I’ve had since coming to LA.” And garnishes of onion, cilantro, lemon, and rice are brought in anticipation of the main event. “Verdict: if there is a better bowl of albondigas in the greater LA area, please tell me. NOW. and I might have to move here after all.”

She loves the rich, flavorful broth, the meatballs done right and a bit bigger than a golf ball. They’ve got a “meaty flavor and just the right amount of herbs.” The broth includes large chunks of veggies. Tortillas are just OK.

And the bill, with tax and tip: $11. Not bad for a lunch that “made me very, very happy. … Does anyone know about any good jobs in that area?”

Mi India Bonita [East LA]
4731 E. Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles

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