Diana wants a different kind of Easter breakfast—does anyone know a place that’s not a “brunch of beauty,” she asks, “with swarms of kids in awful pastel dresses and suits?”

justagthing says, “Have you ever eaten a Chinese breakfast? It is different than dim sum.”

J.L. suggests Yung Ho in San Gabriel. “[It] serves Chinese brekkies 7 days a week. Hot, sweet (or salty) fresh soy milk with crullers, anyone?” It’s cash only, but usually less than $10 per person.

Or there’s starting the holiday really early, or really late. For Plan B, J.L. says, “Go to Pacific Dining Car in Downtown LA at 2:30AM to have their phenomenal eggs benedict. Or a steak. Not many kids there, more like drunk clubbers, local nightowls, and LAPD night watch commanders.”

Yung Ho [San Gabriel Valley]
533 W. Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel

Pacific Dining Car [Downtown]
1310 W. Sixth Street, Los Angeles

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