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The People’s Farm

The Free Farm on Gough Street in San Francisco is a radical idea. The gist: an empty lot in a sorta sketchy part of town that is being cultivated by volunteers who give all the food away for free to the community, both on site and on Saturdays in the Mission at a Free Farm stand.

“The idea behind it is trying to make sure that low-income people and people on the edge don’t get left out in this popular movement that’s happening of people paying attention to where their food comes from,” says Tree, the man who is largely the mastermind behind the Free Farm and Free Farm Stand. “We are all volunteers, we are all trying to work on magic in some ways.”

I stopped by for a look Wednesday, one of the days where anyone can come by “to visit the farm or lend a hand.” An intimidating chain link fence surrounded it, but the gate was wide open, and there were about a half dozen friendly, smiling volunteers working on digging beds, watering, and planting some broccoli. The urban farm only started this year, so it’s still getting rolling, but there were beehives, rows of greens, beans, beets, potatoes, and strawberries thriving.

It’s a really unique project, and I’m looking forward to going back on a Saturday to volunteer some time playing in the dirt for a good cause.