How do you lose 50 pounds when your wife is superhot, superdecadent chef Nigella Lawson?

If you’re art collector Charles Saatchi, you go all monodiet and consume only eggs for close to a year.

According to the British Sunday Times, Saatchi confessed that “It was glorious getting very fat. When you lose the last of your vanity and eat Shredded Wheat, Weetabix, Maltesers, Topic bars and anything else you want, all day, without guilt, it is heaven.” Still there comes a time when you have to take it all back off. And that’s where a buttload of eggs comes in.

The Times polled nutritionists and other food folk about Saatchi’s egg-only scheme. Needless to say, although they acknowledged that eggs are healthier than once thought, their opinion is best expressed by Joanne Lunn of the British Nutrition Foundation, who noted that, “It’s very important to eat a varied, balanced diet.” Added a chef, “I love eggs, particularly bantam eggs and quail’s eggs. But I’m not sure I believe him. If he’s insisting it’s just eggs, I’d get him a psychiatrist. And some laxatives.”

At least he wasn’t monodieting on chocolate eggs. Now that would be an unbalanced regimen—unless, of course, he included a side of marshmallow Peeps with every meal.

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