Skyway is one of New York’s top options for the spicy-sour-sweet chow of Malaysia. Best in Manhattan, says Pan, who recommends chicken or beef satay, roti telur (egg and onion pancake with chicken curry), and pasembur (shrimp pancake, tofu, egg, and jellyfish with vegetables), among other things.

“Really, really good,” raves mdog, who loves mango chicken and mee siam (stir-fried rice noodles with shrimp, egg, and tofu). Mike Lee finds Skyway better overall than New Malaysia and Jaya–though he has a soft spot for New Malaysia’s Hainan chicken rice and Jaya’s prawn mee noodles.

Skyway [Chinatown]
formerly Proton Saga
11 Allen St., near Canal St., Manhattan

New Malaysia Restaurant [Chinatown]
48 Bowery, in the Chinatown Arcade, #28, Manhattan

Jaya Malaysian Restaurant [Chinatown]
90 Baxter St., between Walker and White, Manhattan

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Skyway Malaysian (On Allen and Canal)

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