The twist at Twisted Soul is on the menu, which offers Asian-style dumplings alongside Argentine-style empanadas, both done well.

bob gaj and friends plowed through orders of dumplings with pork; sausage; and crab, corn, and lemongrass. And empanadas with beef; chicken; and portobello, sweet potato, and caramelized onion. Says bob: “fresh food. lightly cooked. NO GREASE. wonderfully filling.” Mike in Rhinebeck, similarly impressed, writes: “I could detect each of the ingredients without the main ingredient overwhelming the secondary items (i.e., well balanced fusion of flavors).”

Opened last summer, Twisted Soul also serves rice or noodle bowls with a choice of shrimp, grilled chicken, and seasoned tofu plus a selection of Southeast Asian–style sauces: hoisin-peanut, Thai red curry, sweet and sour, and Malaysian curried coconut.

Hounds also like the fruit smoothies and bubble teas (flavors include hibiscus, green apple, and litchi); “it is SO nice to find boba right in poughkeepsie,” applesauce23 says. “the bubble tea was just sweet enough and i thought the texture of the tapioca went perfectly with the lychee taste.”

Twisted Soul [Dutchess County]
442 Main Street (between Clinton and Hamilton streets), Poughkeepsie, NY

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