A mother in Kentucky who bought a package of Fun Straws for her three-year-old daughter was shocked to discover that two of them were shaped like … well, like … Captain Winkies:

‘There are two of them that are shaped like the male private area,’ said [Andrea] Bailey. ‘I called Wal-Mart and they were very rude with me about it. They acted like I was lying, like I was making it all up. You know, I would never make something up like that, especially about my little girl. But, that’s just how they treated me and it’s just not right.’

“I don’t see what’s so offensive about straws shaped like SR-71 Blackbirds,” says brownpau, a person who knows about rockets, commenting on the Consumerist blog.

Commenter Trai_Dep notes quite logically that “‘Sad Straws’ would be MUCH smaller and made of less rigid plastic.”

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