How do you form hamburger patties for perfect burgers? A hockey puck shape is the right idea, says goodhealthgourmet, with even thickness and uniform shape. You don’t want a mound of meat. For one thing, “you’re sort of encroaching on meatball territory,” says goodhealthgourmet.

Second, burgers puff up in the middle when cooked, and the mound shape would only exacerbate this problem, says scubadoo97. “I do the hockey puck shape, then depress the middle to make it resemble a red blood cell,” says scubadoo97. “This way when it puffs in the center it evens out.” TongoRad goes a step further and pokes a hole in the center of the patty. “It doesn’t have to be huge—I just poke my pinky through there—but it works every time, and even sort of closes in on itself during cooking so you’re not left with a gaping hole at the end,” says TongoRad.

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