I started to splutter defensively when I read a takedown of food trucks and other annoying food trends in the Hungry Beast. Who the hell is this writer to insist food shouldn’t be free?

But actually, writer Jacquelynn D. Powers has a decent point: “As the mobile food market gets gourmet, its prices are skyrocketing past the $2 hot dog stands. And wouldn’t you prefer to eat that $7 banh mi pork sandwich or $9 Wagyu beef and broccoli at a proper table instead of standing on a street corner?”

Um. Yeah. Yeah, I kind of would. As much as I love an excuse to put my stain stick to use, such niceties as, oh, napkins, and forks, and bathrooms in which to wash off the juice running down your wrists, are things that I want if I’m paying a C-note for a sammich.

Image source: Flickr member ercwttmn under Creative Commons

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