We have brought you news before of Los Planes’ glorious Salvadoran tamales. Now we bring you news of their pupusas: “some of the best pupusas I’ve had in San Francisco,” says Dave MP, who adds that they’re “freshly fried and served hot and crispy.”

Pacaya rellena is a dish that we’ve never heard of before. Dave MP thinks it’s made from the edible shoots of the pacaya tree, which are stuffed with cheese, fried, and topped with tomato sauce. “The pacaya itself was very interesting! It has a bitter taste which I enjoyed, but the texture and appearance was somewhat like a cross between squid and eggplant.”

“I came upon this place because a Salvadoran cab driver recommended it to me,” explains pane. “He said most Salvadoran places in SF had Mexican or Central American cooks; only at Los Planes did the food taste distinctly Salvadoran to him.”

Chicken tamal is good here, says pane, but elote tamal is even better: “With a punch of sweet corn flavor, it tasted like July.”

Los Planes de Renderos Restaurant [Excelsior]
12 Persia Avenue (near Mission), San Francisco

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