The pastrami Reuben at the Refuge is “simply outstanding,” says alfatcat. “The pastrami was warm and moist yet not fatty … with great texture.” It’s perfectly spiced, and perfectly sized, ample, but not overstuffed. “Let’s see if I can put it into perspective. The Refuge’s pastrami is to the typical Boar’s Head pastrami as a Hershey bar is to an artisan handmade truffle. Not in the same universe,” says alfatcat. They also serve a very tasty grilled cheese and fries, for the tykes.

The owner, Matt Levin, used to be chef de cuisine at Viogner but wanted to open up a less formal place. And the Refuge is, overall, great, especially for lovers of artisan meats, says Shane Greenwood.

It’s not cheap, but it’s reasonable given the quality. A basic pastrami is $13.

The Refuge [Peninsula]
963 Laurel Street, San Carlos

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