Anyone who’s familiar with National Public Radio commentator, essayist, and comedian David Sedaris’s peculiar nasal pitch and dry phrasing will appreciate a parody that’s been making the blog rounds recently. In David Sedaris Delivers a Pizza, comedy group Weak Nights forks over a spot-on imitation of the trademark Sedaris metaphor machine, complete with passively bemused audience.

As the Sedaris stand-in leans against the doorframe holding a pizza box, he drones things like, “My mother’s cigarette smoke created a haze that none of us could penetrate, like the bulletproof glass in front of a ticket kiosk,” or, “Shirttails flapping in the breeze behind them, like unambitious dragons.” Instead of the “Driveway Moments” NPR is beloved for, this is a doorway moment, and it’s as amusing as a small child with sharp fingernails encountering a balloon for the first time … or something. Robyn Lee at Slice calls it “the best/most potentially awkward pizza delivery ever.”

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