Westlake Coffee Shop is a classic 50’s diner, with counter, booths, and middle-aged waitresses in uniforms. While the whole thing is neat and clean and all that, it retains the distinct flavor of genuine 50’s atmosphere–as opposed to retro faux joints, like Johnny Rockets. And the food is slightly greasy, in a good way, says larochelle.

$10 (including tip) will get you eggs with corned beef hash, hash browns, sourdough toast, and coffee. Eggs are perfectly done, made with individual egg pans so you get that nice medium-done yolk with no burning on the white. Hash browns are nicely crispy, and corned beef hash is of the beef-paste-mixed-with-potato-chunks variety. It’s in the spirit of canned corned beef hash, yet doesn’t taste canned.

Westlake Coffee Shop [Peninsula]
52 Park Plaza Dr., Daly City

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