Out magazine’s pop-culture blog, Popnography, recently ran a particularly dishy Q&A with Ted Allen, the former Queer Eye food guy, who is now a judge on Top Chef. Here’s a snippet of the interview:

Do you think the subtext of everything that Padma Lakshmi says is ‘I’m so hot’?

I’ve seen her naked backstage when she was changing. Padma is hot.

He goes on to describe Anthony Bourdain as a “very sexy man” and “the last enthusiastic on-camera smoker.” He also attests that Bourdain quit smoking a few months ago (with the help of prescription drug Chantix), after the birth of his daughter.

Allen shares some food advice for presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as well. Since Barack is young and slim, he could probably manage to down some naughty food on the campaign trail, like “a hamburger covered with French fries covered with cheese sauce”; but Allen believes 60-year-old Hillary should avoid her beloved hot peppers, which could cause “tummy problems” for a woman her age. “We don’t need Hillary having to run to the can every twenty minutes. That is such a gross image,” Allen says. I guess we know who has his vote.

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