La Petite Creperie has been open for about a month. It’s a little place, run by a French guy and an American woman. “I’ve been to most of the crepe places in LA and Santa Monica, and found them all to be pretty mediocre. This is the first place I will definitely go back to,” says vittus.

A potato bacon crêpe is tasty and perfect. The potatoes are cubed and crunchy, and the crêpe is brown and a little crunchy—no soggy mess of a crêpe here.

The savory crêpes are made with buckwheat, and the sweet crêpes use a different batter. “I asked the chef about this, and he said most places here just use the sweet crepe batter for their savory crepes…but in France you would be stoned to death for doing that,” reports vittus.

La Petite Creperie [Westside – Beaches]
3809 Grand View Boulevard, Los Angeles

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