Beloved Los Angeles barbecue spot Phillips has opened a brand-new location in Chino. It is, admittedly, in “not the most upscale part of town,” admits ChinoWayne, but it’s worth the journey for “real barbeque, from an outpost of a legendary pitmaster, who is also a Soul Brother.”

Ribs are cleanly trimmed and cooked to a perfect consistency, says ChinoWayne: “Not falling off the bone mush, they were toothsome, sticking to the bone but tender.”

Of greater note: The Chino branch serves tri-tip, which the famed LA locations don’t serve. They’re very proud of the stuff, and it is spectacular. “The meat was smoky, tender, and moist. The sauce that came with the ribs and meat was sublime, not sweet, not too thick or two watery, not too spicy but with a nice residual burn in your throat,” says ChinoWayne.

Phillips BBQ [Inland Empire]
11748 Central Avenue, Chino

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