mhoffman likes drinks with a twist of classic. Make it a cocktail with gin or rye, please, and don’t skimp on the bitters. Forget the corporate concoctions, the vodkas, and anything ending in ojito.

SauceSupreme finds “cocktail nirvana” at the Hungry Cat, where he can count on Sazerac, Lillet, and all the bitters at the bar. slacker recommends Comme Ça for creative drinks with freshly chipped ice. Musso & Frank conjures old LA for BIM with its Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, and gimlets. Of course, a few Chowhounds chime in that there’s always Trader Vic’s.

The Hungry Cat [Hollywood]
1535 N. Vine Street, Los Angeles

Comme Ça [West Hollywood]
8479 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood

Musso & Frank Grill [Hollywood]
6667 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

Trader Vic’s [Beverly Hills]
9876 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills

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