Yummy World lives up to its name with subtly flavored, healthier-than-usual Cantonese fare, hounds say. “The steamed egg white with tofu and seafood was excellent—soft and delicate and sweet with somewhat salty egg whites,” says charliemyboy. It’s great comfort food, pilinut agrees. “The egg whites were so tenderly cooked that we needed spoons to eat the dish.”

“The kitchen is expert in frying,” comments Melanie Wong, who loved the salt and pepper fried beef, and tofu and calamari platter garnished with fried garlic.

The restaurant does seafood well—sweet, succulent lobster shines alongside flat egg-and-wheat e-fu noodles. Clams in black bean sauce shows off fresh, plump clams, while clams in steamed egg have “that creamy custard texture that’s so difficult to replicate at home,” says foodlover. Honey walnut prawns are expertly done, with a light hand on the sauce and house-prepped honey walnuts.

But there are also good meat dishes, like the meltingly tender pork with preserved vegetables. House special pork chop is nicely fried, with a sweet-tart sauce; chicken with Chinese sausage has “great flavor and wonderful texture in the mushrooms,” charliemyboy says.

Perhaps most notable of all: This is a nice restaurant with modern decor that doesn’t skimp on quality or authenticity. Even the presentation of the dishes is well thought out, comments vliang.

Yummy World [South Bay]
2216 S. El Camino Real, San Mateo

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Yummy World, San Mateo

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